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Hello, folks. :) Krusader happens to be my favorite file manager (it is, IMHO, quite a bit more nimble and comprehensive than Ubuntu's default, Nautilus). There is just one flaw: when I need to do things that require me to act as 'root', I would have to run Root-Krusader but can't, because. Иногда приятно иметь под рукой файловый менеджер похожий на Total Commander. В Ubuntu Linux его успешно заменяет Krusader. Krusader - двухпанельный файловый менеджер. Главные. I have customized krusader (fonts, colors, behavior, etc.). Sometimes I need to run it as root. When I run sudo krusader, everything is OK, my custom setting are applied. But when I run gksudo. Krusader-commits krusader_kde3/krusader cr16-app-krusader_root.png,NONE,1.1 cr16-app-krusader_user.png,NONE,1.1 cr22-app-krusader_root.png,NONE,1.1 cr22-app-krusader_user.png,NONE,1.1 cr32-app-krusader_root.png,NONE,1.1 cr32-app-krusader_user.png,NONE,1.1 cr48-app-krusader_root.png,NONE,1.1. Krusader-commits krusader_kde3/krusader cr16-app-krusader-root.png,1.1,NONE cr16-app-krusader-user.png,1.1,NONE cr22-app-krusader-root.png,1.1,NONE cr22-app-krusader-user.png,1.1,NONE cr32-app-krusader-root.png,1.1,NONE cr32-app-krusader-user.png,1.1,NONE cr48-app-krusader-root.png,1.1,NONE. Krusader is an advanced twin panel (commander style) file manager for KDE Plasma and other desktops in the nix world, similar to Midnight or Total Commander. Red Hat Bugzilla - Bug 705870. Can't launch krusader in root mode from krusader. Last modified: 2011-06-02 15:01:00. Click to download Krusader, Root icon from Papirus Apps Iconset by Papirus Development. We explain how to get started with Krusader. David Both explains how to get started with the Krusader file manager. Jump to navigation. Log in; Sign Up; Search form. Search Root, Up one level, etc. Tabs: Each panel can have multiple tabs, which enables quick switches between currently. I believe so. I run LinuxMint 18.3 Serena, identical in terms of updating software etc. to Ubuntu 16.04 or its KDE flavor counterpart. I have Krusader (Root mode), but since I tweaked my sudoers file to accept my username without password, and have been using terminal emulators since the update to krusader has broken the toolbar when opened in root mode you cannot get any icons to display in the toolbar only text right-clicking on the toolbar shows. Also, I think it would be nice if, when entering Krusader Root Mode, that instead of opening another window, it would open it in the same window and provide an option to end Krusader Root Mode and return to normal. Krusader is an advanced, twin-panel (commander-style) file manager designed for KDE Plasma. Krusader also runs on other popular Linux desktop environments such as GNOME. Krusader root mode via user action because of missing icons via internal shortcut. Removed Krusader root desktop icon Do not promote insecure behaviour. Added warning dialog before running Krusader либо же в файловом менеджере Krusader есть в опциях "запустить от имени рут". . и там есть такая весчь как запуск krusader Ответ на: Re: gvim + krusader + ftp от root_at_localhost 13.12.2007 12:28:39. Re: gvim + krusader + ftp. curlftpfs глючный Если есть доступ по ssh, то sshfs рулит. (помните, что это легче всего сделать в Krusader из-под root) секция mysqld , должна выглядеть следующим образом (добавить в конец секции). i just recently installed kubuntu having gone from version when i installed the new system krusader's icons changed and i don't especially like the icon set it is using. Чтобы использовать Konsole (терминал KDE): sudo apt-get install konsole. Чтобы использовать терминал Gnome - измените настройки Krusader. install editor for use as root. I'm heartily sick of sudo nano blah blah blah, and I'd really rather not be bothered with sudo In my LinuxMint, there is a "clone" of Krusader installed "as root user." I know from personal experience that other items. A couple comments on Krusader. 1) The latest version in F24 is 2.4.0-beta3. 2.5 hasn't hit the repositories yet. 2) The whole root mode, non root mode thing is confusing. Az én UHU-Linux "tudástáram". Ennyi és nem több. Ha kevés, vagy valami nem jó, ígérem kijavítom! Mostanában az alaptéma kiegészül a Wordpress boncolgatásával. Вот мои строчки для grub.cfg для загрузки Kolibri OS из GRUB2 сразу из ISO-образа: set root=(hd0,1) set menu_color_normal=white/blue. Hi, I noticed recently that sometimes Krusader doesn't start in root mode. When I try to do it in a terminal, I get this: Code: Select all # krusader. Krusader запускаем в режиме root (т.е. в окне Krusader выбираем "Сервис" - "Запустить Krusader с правами root"). Надеюсь вы уже подготовили его для этого. Откройте архив прошивки, например, в Total Commander (в Linux- Krusader в режиме root),найдите там папку "recovery" (она на виду), удалите. Затем найдите папку "META-INF", откройте. Description: Krusader is a simple, easy, powerful, twin-panel (commander-style) file manager, similar to Midnight Commander (C) or Total Commander. Пример моего общего вопроса : я установил «Qt 4 Designer», и я загрузил krusader- 2.4.-beta3.tar.bz2.